"Instead of typical artwork someone came up with this brilliant idea..."

Marsha Williamson Mohr,
Nurse at Clarian Arnett

"...this program will positively impact the experience of patients and the working atmosphere for our physicians and staff."

Dr. Michael Skehan,
CEO of Clarian Arnett Health

"I am a cancer survivor...this honor is especially meaningful."

David Greiwe

"...the photos will reaffirm the celebration of life on a daily basis. Thanks so much for recognizing the importance of nature in our lives."

Jean Good,
Dept. of Medical and Molecular Genetics

"I was so excited that you chose five of my flower portraits. Not only do I love photography, but I love gardening. Though the
blooms in my garden only last for a few days, and for the most part are only appreciated by me, the portraits allow the beauty of
flowers to live on forever. It warms my heart to know that many other people will be able to witness the joy that I experience each
spring in my back yard gardens.

Thank you for this opportunity."

Rene' Stanley,
Nurse at Clarian Arnett

"We enjoyed this event and the wonderful photos taken by the participants. You all did a great job."

Dan Shepardson,
Professor at Purdue University
"The hospital is so beautiful -- I appreciate the opportunity to get my photos out there."

Lori Wolfe

"The event was a success! We couldn't have been happier with the turnout. We followed up your event with a community event that drew in another 5000 people. I heard positive comments about the photos during that event as well. All my best to you and your team on future projects."

Traci Robison,
System Director: Marketing & Communications, Clarian Arnett Health

"I can't even begin to thank you guys enough. I was hugely honored to be a part of your beautiful project! The concept is so dear to me because we've spent so much time in hospitals the past three years. We figured it out, we flew 2000 miles and drove just under 100 to get there. It was worth every moment of the trip. I was truly in awe of everything. Thank you for the personal help in getting us there and your great instructions. Let me know if you do this anywhere else, you guys are awesome. Thank you many times over."

Patricia Shanahan

"I have been very honored in hearing that one of my photos has been selected for Photos for Health. I am very happy I can participate in this event and in creating a welcoming environment. I will follow your idea in creating a healthy and welcoming environment for my sister, since she is also still in the healing process and fighting breast cancer. I hope you don't mind."

Agus Achmadyana

"I am a hospital chaplain and getting out in nature to take pictures feeds my soul and reduces stress. I had an article published several years ago about this subject."

Paul Bay,
Chaplain of Cardiovascular Services at Clarian Health

"What an honor to have one of my photos selected to be displayed at your facility!"

Linda Kingma

"I am really excited that two of my photos have been selected to be displayed at Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center. I am happy to be a part of such a beautiful and inspiring project."

Vanessa Kanaan

"I'm thrilled that 2 of the photos I submitted will be on display at the IU Simon Cancer Center. I am an Indiana University graduate and lived in Indianapolis for over 9 years, which makes this all the more special for me. Indianapolis will always hold a special place in my heart. I am honored to have my photos displayed in the center and can only hope that they bring some level of comfort to patients, family, and staff."

Richard Johnson
"I am very honored to participate in the Photos for Health project and I would like to thank you for choosing my three photos.

I read about your initiative in an article posted on JPG Magazine, of which I am a contributing photographer. I thought it was a great idea and that is why I decided to participate. It is a privilege for me to be given the possibility to help create a comforting and healing environment at Clarian Health through my images.

I would like to send my best wishes to the patients and their families and I would also like to congratulate the health care professionals and all those involved in the Photos for Health project for all their hard work."

Mary Ann Lewis

"I'm so honored to have my photo accepted for inclusion."

Catherine Kurvink

"I am very happy a photo of mine was chosen into such a good cause. My experience with this has been a good one, I know how much images and artwork can change a person's perspective on things, and so, I believe to have them in hospitals is a must. My daughter has rheumatoid arthritis so I have been to a few hospitals myself and she always likes to see photos and art on the walls, it makes her happy and gets her mind off of the reason why we're there."

Marvin Niemi

"Thanks so much -- as I'm a cancer survivor -- it's an honor to have a photo at the Cancer Center."

Mary Ann Russell

"I am happy that my photo was chosen. My mother
was an Oncology nurse for 20 years and now works in hospice. I too, am a nurse working in Nephrology at Clarian Arnett. My grandmother died from a rare presentation of carcinoid of the lung. My aunt is a breast cancer survivor. My father and brother have battled bladder cancer. Also, my husband's grandfather and his father have had cancer (renal and colon). As I am sure it is true for most families, cancer has
afflicted several generations.

The photo was taken at the Black Sand Beach in Maui. It was taken in 2006 while there on my 10 year wedding anniversary. We were taken by the beauty of the beach and pictures cannot do it justice."

Amy Allspaw
"I am a member of JPG Magazine, an international art photography magazine and web site. In the early spring, I posted the Photos for Health contest submission call to the magazine members. I have many stories I could share with you about how this project was received to an international photographer audience. Truly amazing sentiments were sent about the importance of what this project entails.

I am willing to tell my own personal story of the strength in this project. My brother has had multiple open-heart surgeries and stayed in the facilities in Indianapolis, starting when he was a patient at Riley. Seeing a beautiful photo when you are listening for a doctor's footsteps or watching a heart monitor would really make a difference to peaceful serenity."

Jolie B.

"Thank you for choosing my photo for placement in the cancer center. I am honored!"

Thomas A. Sheets

"Just the idea of what the pictures were for, was the reason I did it. My wife and I love nature and this country has so much beauty to explore. We spend our time out hiking the back country and have seen so much wonderful scenery since moving out to Oregon. Once we retire in a couple of years, our job will be to travel and see the rest of this marvelous country of ours. I love taking photos of every place we go and then sharing them with family and friends. This is just another way to show people the beauty in this world and to share a little of what we have been blessed to see."

Dennis K. Penny

"This contest holds special meaning to me. I am a Medical Lab Tech for Bon Secours Health Partners Lab at St. Francis Medical Center in Midlothian, Virginia. Our mission is "Good help to those in need" and at St. Francis one of the main goals of the hospital is to promote health and healing through emotional well being, so the hospital has been constructed to give a comfortable at home feel. I believe in the "Mission of Bon Secours" and am very proud that I can continue to give to the total healing of others through my photos. It is a wonderful thing to give for the joy of others."

Amelia Quicke
"Wow, what a surprise to have been chosen to have my photo displayed at Clarian Arnett.
This is a wonderful opportunity and exiting time!"

Brandy Brooks
"This photo contest was really a lot of fun and it is nice to know that my photo will be on display at the local hospital -- that really makes it a community effort."

Stephen Goodwin

"First and foremost, our family gives great thanks to everyone involved in the genius of Photos for Health. We attended the Clarian Arnett preview on Sunday and were once again so appreciative of your approach to an inspired healing environment.

As I took in the views of my own and other's photos, I looked ahead to how much the simple and authentic touches will mean to those who'll come through the same hallways in the future -- staff, patients, loved ones alike.

Good cheer to all in your organization. You're making a contribution that we're proud to be a part of."

Linda Stark and family

"I am delighted, honored, and humbled that some of my photography has been selected for display at the IU Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center in Indianapolis. My wife is a cancer survivor of over 10 years, so we are no strangers to the need for a healing environment. That one of my photos might contribute to the well-being of others is an absolutely thrilling thought.
Thank you for this opportunity."

Glenn Buzbee

"I am honored to participate in such a great cause, if the photos can make someone feel better and help them heal."

John Harris

"Like most photographers, I have learned to appreciate the finer points of nature and beauty through the lens of a camera. As I have heard others say, "I never really saw details until I took up photography". I do it for the pure pleasure and later enjoyment long after the photo is taken. To have someone recognize a photo I have taken for beauty to be shared by many is special."

Bernie Emkes M.D.

"My wife and I are honored to have my photos selected for display at the IU Cancer Center. I am a cancer survivor, after a life-saving pneumonectomy at the IU Med Center in 1999, so this honor is especially meaningful to us."

"Thank you for selecting my photo to be hung in the Simon Cancer Center. As a strictly amateur photographer, this is an honor much greater than any prize. I am so pleased to know that my photo might bring a smile...

There is no real story behind my photo. As a soon to be eight year old, I don't move around as I once did, so my picture taking subjects are those beautiful things in nature that stand still and pose for me. Another member of the JPG Magazine family alerted us to your needs, so I sent a few of my favorites. Thank you, I am truly honored."

Dorothy Menosky

"I am truly honored that a few of my photos have been selected to be displayed at Clarian Arnett Hospital. It's a very special feeling to know that my images will be hanging in the hospital to be appreciated by the dedicated staff, patients, and family members for years to come. It is my hope that the images can serves as a calming comfort to anyone who may need it during their stay or to staff while providing their professional services to the Lafayette community."

Michael C. Klarich

"I am thrilled that my photos have been selected for the Clarian Arnett hospital here in Lafayette!!"

Genevieve Borden

"Thank you so very much for selecting my photos for your hospital. I am undergoing treatments for lung cancer and need to stay close to home right now, but I was thrilled to open my email and find out I was selected! I hope my photo brings a smile to someone's face. I am truly honored."

Karen S. Jones

"I am absolutely amazed by the amount of submissions we received for the Photos for Health project. Working on this project, I literally came in contact with every single image that was installed. Being able to meet many of the photographers and hear their stories, has been the most inspiring part of this experience."

Tara Michelle Henderson,
JBA Art Solutions